Interview with Sir Andrew Macfarlane – Family Law Bar Association

Posted February 22nd, 2012 in families, judges, news by sally

“Sir Andrew McFarlane was promoted to the Court of Appeal in July 2011, the most recent appointment in a meteoric career that began in the drama department of Durham University. As he explains in conversation with Family Affairs, his preferred activities at University
 involved drama, student politics and the church. Law seems to have 
been an after-thought and he is (probably) the only member of the
 current Court of Appeal able to boast of a third class degree. Beware
 the temptation, however, to assume that Andrew has a third class 
mind; his progress from provincial practice in the West Midlands to a
glittering leading career at 1KBW, authorship of the leading text book
 on Child Law, a raft of committee appointments including
 Chairmanship of the FLBA, the High Court bench at 51 and the Court
 of Appeal at 57 bear testament to a distinctly first class brain with
 application to match.”

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Family Law Bar Association, 20th February 2012