Swain-Mason and others v Mills & Reeve (a firm) – WLR Daily

Posted January 24th, 2011 in amendments, civil procedure rules, law reports, pleadings by sally

Swain-Mason and others v Mills & Reeve (a firm) [2011] EWCA Civ 14; [2011] WLR (D)

“In determining whether to grant a late application to amend a pleading a balance was always to be struck. The court was concerned with doing justice, but justice to all litigants, and thus where a last-minute amendment was sought the onus would be heavy on the amending party to show the strength of the new case and why justice to him, his opponent and other litigants required him to be able to pursue it.”

WLR Daily, 21st January 2011

Source: www.lawreports.co.uk

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