House of Lords Judgments: What’s new?

Posted August 3rd, 2009 in law reports by sally

Moore Stephens (a firm) (Respondents) v Stone Rolls Limited (in liquidation (Appellants) [2009] UKHL 39 (30 July 2009)

Lexington Insurance Company (Respondents) v AGF Insurance Limited (Appellants) and one other action
Lexington Insurance Company (Respondent) v Wasa International Insurance Company Limited (Appellants) and one other action [2009] UKHL 40 (30 July 2009)

Fisher (Original Respondent and Cross-appellant) v Brooker and others (Original Appellants and Cross-respondents) [2009] UKHL 41 (30 July 2009)

R v C (Respondent) (On Appeal from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)) [2009] UKHL 42 (30 July 2009)

Masri (Respondent) v Consolidated Contractors International Company SAL and others and another (Appellant) and another [2009] UKHL 43 (30 July 2009)

Transport for London (London Underground Limited) (Appellants) v Spirerose Limited (in administration) (Respondents) [2009] UKHL 44 (30 July 2009)

R (on the application of Purdy) (Appellant) v Director of Public Prosecutions (Respondent) [2009] UKHL 45 (30 July 2009)