Spirerose Ltd (In Administration) v Transport for London – WLR Daily

Posted November 17th, 2008 in compulsory purchase, law reports, valuation by sally

Spirerose Ltd (In Administration) v Transport for London [2008] EWCA Civ 1230; [2008] WLR (D) 358

“In concluding that a valuation of the claimant’s land on the basis that at the date of valuation there would have been a determined planning application granting permission , the Lands Tribunal had not erred. In the absence of an actual planning permission or a permission that was required to be assumed under the Land Compensation Act 1961, the tribunal was not limited to assessing the value by reference to the view that the market would have taken as to the prospects of achieving planning permission, the hope value.”

WLR Daily, 14th November 2008

Source: www.lawreports.co.uk

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