House of Lords Judgments: What’s new?

Posted February 6th, 2008 in law reports by sally

Pilecki (Appellant) v Circuit Court of Legnica, Poland (Respondents) (Criminal Appeal from Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice) [2008] UKHL 7 (6 February 2008)

R v Clarke (Appellant) (On Appeal from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division))R v McDaid (Appellant) (On Appeal from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division))(Consolidated Appeals) [2008] UKHL 8 (6 February 2008)

In re Maye (AP) (Appellant) (Northern Ireland) [2008] UKHL 9 (6 February 2008)

Majorstake Limited (Respondents) v Curtis (Appellant) [2008] UKHL 10 (6 February 2008)