House of Lords Judgments: What’s new?

Posted January 31st, 2008 in law reports by sally

In Re Hilali (Respondent) (application for a writ of Habeas Corpus) [2008] UKHL 3 (30 January 2008)

In re Duffy (FC) (Appellant) (Northern Ireland) [2008] UKHL 4 (30 January 2008)

Boss Holdings Limited (Appellants) v Grosvenor West End Properties and others (Respondents) [2008] UKHL 5 (30 January 2008)

A (Appellant) v Hoare (Respondent), C (FC) (Appellant) v Middlesbrough Council (Respondents), X (FC) and another (FC) (Appellants) v London Borough of Wandsworth (Respondents) (Conjoined Appeals), H (FC) (Appellant v Suffolk County Council (Respondents),Young (FC) (Appellant) v Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) and others (Respondents) [2007] UKHL 6 (30 January 2008)