Stautory Instruments –

Posted November 20th, 2014 in legislation by tracey

The International Development Association (Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative) (Amendment) Order 2014

The Commons Act 2006 (Commencement No. 7, Transitional and Savings Provisions) (England) Order 2014

The Products Containing Meat etc. (England) Regulations 2014

The Payment of Pension Levies for Past Periods Regulations 2014

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 (Commencement No. 9, 11, 13 14, 16, 17 and 19 and Transitional and Transitory Provisions (Amendment)) Order 2014

The Tax Relief for Social Investments (Accreditation of Social Impact Contractor) Regulations 2014

The Income Tax (Removal of Ordinary Residence) Order 2014

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 and Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014 (Consequential Provisions) Order 2014

The Immigration Act 2014 (Bank Accounts) (Prohibition on Opening Current Accounts for Disqualified Persons) Order 2014

The Immigration Act 2014 (Bank Accounts) Regulations 2014

The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Market Abuse) Regulations 2014

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme (Amendment) and National Emissions Inventory (Amendment) Regulations 2014

The Immigration Act 2014 (Bank Accounts) (Amendment) Order 2014

The Statutory Maternity Pay and Statutory Adoption Pay (Curtailment) Regulations 2014

The Maternity Allowance (Curtailment) Regulations 2014