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Posted July 2nd, 2014 in parliamentary papers by sally

Consultation on setting the 2020 persistent child poverty target, Cm 8875

Government response to the CLG Select Committee’s report on local government procurement, Cm 8888

Government response to the report of the House of Lords Select Committee on the Inquiries Act 2005, Cm 8903

Government’s response to the House of Lords Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change Report ‘Ready For Ageing?’ one year update, Cm 8872

Equitable Life: The Government response to the Public Administration Select Committee’s Third Report of Session 2010-11, Cm 7960

Treasury Minutes: June 2014, Cm 8871

Annual administrative justice and tribunals performance report: 2013 to 2014, Cm 8873

United Kingdom, united future: Conclusions of the Scotland analysis programme, Cm 8869

Hate Crime: Should the Current Offences be Extended?, Cm 8865

Government response to the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee’s fourth report of session 2013 to 2014: consultation on a statutory code for pub companies, Cm 8867

Government response to the Foreign Affairs Committee’s report into Government foreign policy towards the United States, Cm 8876

School Teachers’ Review Body 24th report: 2014, Cm 8886

Valuing every voice, respecting every right: making the case for the Mental Capacity Act, Cm 8884

House of Lords Select Committee on Personal Service Companies – The Government’s response, Cm 8878

Response to pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Modern Slavery Bill, Cm 8889

Response to the House of Lords Select Committee report on soft power 2013-14, Cm 8879

Presumption that an illness is due to working conditions, Cm 8880

Government response to the House of Commons health committee report on Public Health England, Cm 8881

Country Series: China No. 1 (2014), Cm 8877

Country Series: Colombia No. 1 (2014), Cm 8887