Recent Statutory Instruments – OPSI

Posted April 7th, 2008 in legislation by sally

The National Assistance (Assessment of Resources and Sums for Personal Requirements) (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2008

The Environmental Offences (Fixed Penalties) (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Wales) Regulations 2008

The Meat (Official Controls Charges) (Wales) Regulations 2008

The Assembly Learning Grant (Further Education) Regulations 2008

The Criminal Defence Service (Funding) (Amendment) Order 2008

The Specified Animal Pathogens Order 2008

The Protection of Military Remains Act 1986 (Designation of Vessels and Controlled Sites) Order 2008

The Charities Act 2006 (Commencement No. 4, Transitional Provisions and Savings) Order 2008

The Tate Gallery Board (Additional Members) Order 2008

The Designation of Schools Having a Religious Character (Independent Schools) (England) Order 2008

The Local Authorities (Alcohol Disorder Zones) Regulations 2008

The Grants to the Churches Conservation Trust Order 2008

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Investigations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: Code of Practice) Order 2008

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cash Searches: Code of Practice) Order 2008

The Serious Crime Act 2007 (Amendment of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002) Order 2008

The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications and Deemed Applications) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2008

The Plastic Materials and Articles in Contact with Food (England) Regulations 2008

The Housing Act 2004 (Commencement No. 11) (England and Wales) Order 2008

The Stroud (Parish Electoral Arrangements and Electoral Changes) Order 2008

The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Commencement No. 12) Order 2008

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 (Commencement No. 19) Order 2008

The Police Act 1997 (Commencement No. 11) Order 2008

The Parliamentary Constituencies (Northern Ireland) Order 2008

The Bedfordshire (Structural Changes) Order 2008

The Department for Transport (Driver Licensing and Vehicle Registration Fees) (Amendment) Order 2008

The Offender Management Act 2007 (Consequential Amendments) Order 2008

The Rail Vehicle Accessibility (B2007 Vehicles) Exemption Order 2008

The Official Statistics Order 2008