Recent Statutory Instruments – OPSI

Posted February 19th, 2008 in legislation by sally

The Legislative Reform (Health and Safety Executive) Order 2008

The Fire and Rescue Authorities (Improvement Plans) (Wales) Order 2008

The Collaboration Between Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2008

The Control of School Premises (Wales) Regulations 2008

The Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008

The Further Education and Training Act 2007 (Commencement No. 1) (England) Order 2008

The Judicial Committee (General Appellate Jurisdiction) Rules (Amendment) Order 2008

The Wireless Telegraphy (Automotive Short Range Radar) (Exemption) (No. 2) (Amendment) Regulations 2008

The Wireless Telegraphy (Exemption) (Amendment) Regulations 2008

The Local Involvement Networks (Duty of Services-Providers to Allow Entry) Regulations 2008

The European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (Agreement on Enlargement of the European Economic Area) Order 2008